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tv   [untitled]    January 10, 2012 2:31am-3:01am PST

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of diminished resources. funds to repair historic buildings and running -- rotting piers. things for children. and, of course, the construction. as you listen to testimony, they appear to be the driving force in the efforts to terminate the project. in general, the heights and views are not protected in the planning code. this rises above the waterfront with no stepping down to soften the image. this very tall building will be separated by eight washington. in fact, everything will load jackson street is above 85 feet. you will find that the average wage is 37 feet. the eight washington project consists of a team of aesthetically driven architects and planners who will provide the city with a remarkable development which will make us all very proud. there also accepted -- since --
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acceptable of other things. we expect the same high-quality of washington -- of 8 washington. i am here to give you this binder full of letters, and i would like to read to you this is support -- to read to you the support. the san francisco bicycle coalition, the carpenters local 22, the chamber of commerce, a city car share, the american institute of architects, and there are many more local businesses, merchants, and businesses in these binders, which i will leave with you.
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>> mr. chair, mr. president, members of the committee. prior to my years of experience with national issues, this was also as a 25-year member of the planning department and a five- year member of the planning group, so i have had considerable background there, and i currently keep my hand in as a quote interested citizen on the northeast waterfront advisory group, and as such, i have had the opportunity to participate in the planning of east of the embarcadero steady and many presentations and many comments pro and con of this project -- the embarcadero study. one thing i would like to say, i think that the members in this room are probably very concerned about the testimony they heard
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about the golden gate towers and how it has been finding ways to avoid paying higher taxes on the property and to get around the city rent control board, and i would hope that the city would find this legislation in this regard. also, having said that, as was indicated, the golden gateway owner is not the developer for this project. the developer for this project has done a tremendous job on the east side of the embarcadero. they did a project that no one could have believed came out as good as it did. i do not think there is anyone in the city to has applauded their work -- who has applauded their work. providing retail that activated the waterfront. they had the primary financial backing from the california state teachers' pension group,
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and clearly, the teachers are not part of the 1% that people are concerned about, reaping some of the financial benefits. i am a planner. i think from an urban design point of view, a transition from the golden gate towers towards the waterfront, these projects would provide, would be a very desirable thing. the urban design plan never contemplated the removal of the freeway. my first day at the planning department, coming to the planning commission meeting, we are going to be doing something historic today. the planning commission adopted a plan that day, in the planning department has carried it forward with the northeast
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embarcaderos study -- embarcadero study, so for these reasons, i support the project, and thank you for your time. >> i have a couple of points and a couple of observations. this was one of seven suval lots that was the reason for supervisors request for a study. the six other lots are north of broadway and have a 40-foot height limit. this was in the dancer area. i have been on the citizens advisory committee from the beginning representing the preservation committee. and been through this project from the beginning of that i was
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against it originally. until the configuration of a building and i joined forces because it was a nice project for the site. this is a developable site. i question shadows. maybe i am not informed well enough. this project is north of washington, the park is south of washington. is not the son generally not in the direction of casting shadows? one of my main causes and as a preservationist i am concerned about the port's billion dollar plus a list of creating on it sound.
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this has poured revenue like crazy. a comment about the rush parking. 255 will service the ferry building. which brings up another lot. this is a fine development and this is the same development. i hope that in fact this does not become a problem. it is a terrific project for the city. thank you. supervisor mar: is there anyone else who would like to speak? seeing none public comment is
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closed. supervisor president chiu, , any closing remarks? >> thank you. president chiu: as i said at the beginning, i thought it was important to hold this hearing today in part because there have been numerous public hearings with other city agencies. and planning, the port commission, we have not started that conversation here. the most recent public meeting was last thursday when the planning department voted to initiate a process to consider the site. i thought we have had not an adequate consideration of the community with issues that have been at the heart of the debate over 8 washgin -- washington.
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when i came into office the discussion at that time was whether and 84-foot proposal was an appropriate proposal versus what i think many folks in my district wanted which was to seek a rezoning -- see a rezoning. i think a lot of letters in this book provided by the sponsor of the project are in support of what had been that 84-foot height project. we're talking about a project that is 136 feet. it is a different project and will have more conversations. these are issues i think we need to start earlier. within a few short weeks we will be considering this project in front of the board. there has been discussion about the planning department, the report did put out. while placer electric -- appreciate the work that was
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done by staff, i did not think it reflected the input of many members of the community that participated and i did support a separate process that is embodied in the community vision report that has been circulated. there are a lot of interesting ideas in this division that have not been part of the process and the project we're talking about. i thought it was important for us to begin this conversation. we're going to continue it in the coming weeks and i want to thank you and everyone for this conversation. this not the end of this, just the beginning. thank you. supervisor mar: if there is no other comments, let's continue this item to the call the chair. are there other items? >> no further matters. supervisor mar: with no other items, meeting adjourned. thank you. [gavel]
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hey, mark. hey, mark. hey. where've you been? i lost my cat. aw. that's not right. yeah. so i made this cat magnet to try and get him back. cool. does it work? kinda. [meow] nice. yeah. but that's not my cat. i gotta keep working on it. see ya see ya. see ya. announcer: anything's possible, keep thinking. get started on your own inventions or just play some games at... >> good morning, everyone. i'm the executive director of
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the san francisco tradition nor did. the me take a second to welcome you all warmly to this event. -- transportation authority. i am glad that we are able to hostess for the third time in a decade. i have the honor of introducing the official welcome to the city, edwin lee, the 43rd mayor of the city and county of san francisco. a former city administrator, former director of public works for san francisco. he was appointed unanimously as the successor mayor in 2011 to fill the remaining year of former mayor gavin newsom's term. as you know, former mayor newsom was sworn in as the lieutenant governor in january to 10 -- 2010. mayor lee is the first asian- american mayor in the city's history.
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2010, mayor lee was appointed to a second term by mayor newsom. his appointment at the time was confirmed unanimously by the board of supervisors. as city administrator, he spearheaded reform that would be reduced the size and cost of government, from reducing the vehicle fleet, to consolidating departments, to saving tax dollars. he implemented the city's move to cleaner vehicles and infrastructure to support electric vehicles. mayor lee also developed and oversaw implementation of his first 10-year capital plan, to guide our capital and infrastructure investment. mayor lee has a long and distinguished career in san francisco. since 1989, has held a number of senior leadership positions. he is a fellow cal graduate.
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as you probably all know, last tuesday, november 8, the people of san francisco elected edwin lee in his own right, to serve as mayor of san francisco. let me say, on a personal note, the day before the election, i was having coffee at my favorite cafe in glen park, and lost in my e-mail, whatever i was doing in the moment. all of a sudden, i hear some commotion and see the mayor coming in to shake hands with me. he was doing parts of his campaign stump. it is already a tradition, in a few months that he served as interim mayor, among the department heads, you cannot be incognito in this town, because the mayor will find you. maybe in a cafe or someplace
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else that you hang out. this mayor likes to be everywhere, likes to know everyone. that is what the city really needs, somebody who knows the city, knows what the city is all about, what the city wants. has got the kind of discipline, the kind of 7 to 9 scheduled to make it happen. he has already set an example, and we are all looking forward to a hold term of this with him. ladies and gentlemen, it gives me a great pleasure and it is my distinct honor to introduce mayor edwin lee, mayor of san francisco. [applause] >> good morning, everyone. thank you, josé, for that wonderful rendition of our last meeting.
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i want to welcome all of you here to san francisco, i want to welcome all of you self-help movement folks, local transportation experts, individual that have dedicated your lives. i want to thank you for occupying san francisco this morning. i know i'll get questions there this afternoon. i wanted to be here this morning to welcome your conference, to know that you have a mayor here at greatly appreciates your self-help movement. we have had hours -- prop k -- and we have had many discussions about those. especially with dpw, how to balance that money to make sure that we are getting everything out of it that we can. we are doing everything we can with the sales tax. i hope you have a chance to visit some of the project that are under way because of prop k. we have wonderful projects, one
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that i am very proud of in helping our infrastructure will come, not only the increased population we are increasing, -- experiencing, but also the need to run the state. i noticed here in your conference you have a focus on the future. i first thought, in my relaxed way, after the election was over, -- that is close to one of my favorite movies "fight for the future." it is kind of like that. when it comes to transportation infrastructure, the priorities we have, in our government, and our residents feel about it, it is almost like you feel like there are aliens from another planet trying to stop us from creating a future for our society and community. i know we have some great projects in the state, but i want to thank you for coming to
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san francisco. with your ideas, the collaboration you have, priorities about making sure that we have sustainable, good neighborhoods that are built with and through the transportation infrastructure that we are talking about, we are going to have our state really tried to depend on you to recover. i know without making infrastructure investment a priority, our state will not have the ability to recover economically and for the people who want to have good lives and improve the conditions in the state. i want to mention three of our projects. there ones we're very much invested in. the first is our procedural parkway. the second is the trans-based terminal. -- the trans-bay terminal. the third, the third -- [laughter] [applause]
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of course it is our essentials subway. [laughter] that is going to be with the help of the department of energy. let me tell you that. [laughter] i wanted to talk about our parkway. we are about to finish next year if the first phase of the project. we will be connecting golden gate bridge with the new safe roadway that connects everybody to many points south. it is wonderful. i have been there at least twice with secretary lahood, jose, and many representatives of our congressional and senatorial bodies. they are seismically
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retrofitted. it will be even more beautiful. you will see a lot of scenery and around that. we're excited about completing phase one and look forward to starting phase two. for the trans-bay terminal, one of the most important projects we're building downtown, we have had the program since the bay bridge was built. the trans bay terminal houses different transportation modes. we already have under construction the rebuilding of that terminal as a transportation hub. there will also be a brand new neighborhood of offices where people live and work. there will be a beautiful series of buildings where designing in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way to make sure we keep our status of as being the greatest city in north america.
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we anticipate there will be 27,000 permanent jobs created as a result of that terminal. we are building the north terminal hub for high-speed rail. we're going ahead and building it. we're building it in anticipation that the high-speed rail system will be built in the state because it is the smartest thing for us to do. that is what i am planning the future for. we are the only high-speed rail project already under way in the whole country. we anticipate we can work out an agreement with all of our friends to make sure it accommodates their needs and addresses their fears to minister it is sustainable. we strongly suggest that we are very much a part of and want to electrify caltrans rather than
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just build something new that will disturb everybody else's neighborhood. we know that our future is linking the north and south. 1/3 of our airline flights through san francisco airport is the los angeles to san francisco commit. because of the capacity of our airports, we no longer have any capacity to expand, we need to move up on to rail. san francisco can be successful by inviting more infant -- international travel that we are known for. it is vital for our future. it is a great neighborhood being designed and built. you are going to see this being one of the most sustainable projects you will ever see. it is the center of 11 different transportation districts.
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a project that had been identified as one of the controversial once during the campaign over the last three months is the subway. it has been supported by our city, every federal official, and the state transportation agencies for two decades. it is the second phase of the first phase that was completed. we're getting linked up with new stations for people going to union square or chinatown, no.- south. all of our new homes and additional residents that will move into the city, over 10,500 new homes are being built in the southern part of the city. that is going to be our new area
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of living. we have cleared it out. we have done it right. we have used redevelopment tools to make sure our future has adequate capacity. the central subway is vital for our future. it will be transporting 73,000 passengers a day to add to our over 700,000 transit riders in the city. that is our future. i am glad to share it with you. i know you are talking about and focusing on the future of all of the counties. the san francisco transportation authority and the mayor do support of the work you are doing. i want to praise you for coming here and sharing your ideas. the best ideas are about to come. one of the most serious things we can do is that we have got to
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move our cities forward. we have got to move our neighborhoods forward. we have to contribute to moving our state forward. we cannot sit back and watch our infrastructure decay. we have to make sure the right investments are made and that we make those investments. not investing in transportation means we would not have a company like twitter, zynga, a sales force. all those companies are coming here in part because they know we have invested properly in our transportation infrastructure. that is how their work force gets around. that is how they get around the city. welcome to san francisco. thank you. i hope you have great ideas and cooperation. thank you. [applause]
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